KM 4000


Structure – Crafted with precision, employing cutting-edge engineering techniques and premium materials to ensure strength, stability, and safety. Every aspect is finely tuned to deliver the ultimate riding experience.Performance – KM4000’s performance is a result of cutting-edge technology, delivering unparalleled acceleration & speed, without compromising on the rider’s safety or comfort, offering a thrilling riding experience that is second to none.Battery – The heart of the KM4000 is its battery pack, built with advanced LiFePO4 cells to offer high performance, safety and reliability. The fireproof pack ensures peace of mind during long rides, letting riders focus on the road ahead.Design – The Design of the KM4000 is the epitome of raw, unbridled power. Its Naked structure is a bold statement, paired with an All Electric Powertrain. It’s a look that commands attention on any street corner.Safety – Ride with confidence on the KM4000 with its advanced safety features, including dual disc brakes with CBS and high-performance tires for exceptional grip and control. Feel secure in your ride with the KM4000’s cutting-edge safety technology.


 Range -On Full Charge 150 km
Top-Speed – 120 km/h  Battery – LiFePO4
Battery- 4.10 KWh
Motor Power (Rated) – 4000 W
Acceleration (0-40 km/h) 3.6s
Charging Time – 04 Hours
Motor Power (Peak) – 8000 W 5″ Digital Dashboard
Ergonomic Cluster Control Hi-Performance Disc Brakes With CBS
Full Fairing Design Ergonomic Seating
This item: KM 4000
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