Hermes 75​​


Structure – Designed to endure the demands of daily deliveries, featuring a sturdy steel frame and a reinforced suspension system, providing a reliable and comfortable ride on the busiest of city streets.Performance – Discover the ultimate in performance and efficiency. Designed for speed and agility, Hermes 75 is the perfect solution for riders who need to navigate busy city streets or Rough Terrains quickly and efficiently.Battery – Power up your ride with India’s first Smart LiFePO4 battery pack, offering safer, smarter, and more reliable performance for an extended range and improved overall performance. Designed for the ultimate in efficiency and dependability, this larger battery pack provides the power you need to conquer the terrain with ease and confidence.Design – Experience style and functionality through sleek and modern design. This scooter delivers both form and function, providing a superior riding experience that is both comfortable and convenient. From its ergonomic seating to its spacious cargo area, every element of this scooter is designed to make your deliveries smoother, faster, and more enjoyable.Safety – Safety comes first, equipped with disc brakes, dual saree guards, hi-performance tires, and DRL headlamps to ensure your safety on the road. With responsive handling and superior stopping power, you can navigate any situation with confidence and ease, knowing that you have the latest safety features at your fingertips.


 Range -On Full Charge 130 km
Top-Speed – 85 km/h  Battery – LiFePO4
Battery- 4.10 KWh
Motor Power (Rated) – 3000 W
Acceleration (0-40 km/h) 3.6s
Charging Time – 04 Hours
Motor Power (Peak) – 4500 W
Enclosed Digital Dashboard
Saree Guards Twin Disc Brakes
Hi-Quality Buttons Comfortable Seating
This item: Hermes 75​​
1 × KM 4000
1 × KM 3000


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